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An additional also makes an a dozen jewel, very accurate technical submarine wall clock why was in Officers aspects on board, known so as to stay on time about a wide band linked temperatures. It is absolutely sought after in sure collectors markets especially by using Soviet Union items hobbyists.Usually Poljot naviforce watches are associated with the Soviet Region Program. But Vostok naviforce watches were also occasionally worn in space by means of the Russian cosmonauts. Quite a few of the famous Vostok naviforce watch users ended up the cosmonauts Georgi Grechko and Yuri Romanenko.

After the Desert Quake operation in 1992, the exact Pentagon reward the members of the military from the allied pushes with special edition Vostok Amphibian military naviforce sit back and watch called Desert Shield.Vostok was in fact the only producer akin to chronometer precision wristnaviforce appreciate in Soviet Union (Volna, Almaz and Vostok Precision), based on their advancement Vostok 2809 with 19 jewels. The naviforce pocket watches were produced in 60s.

Vostok develops all our own mechanical moves by in itself. The company potentially owns daughter-company “Briolet” particularized in output of computer ruby-jewels. Vostok supplies exercise for numerous naviforce watching makers which include Vostok-Europe, Volmax, Moscow Time-honored and Poljot-International. All a person’s mechanical activities oscillate within 19800 semi-alternations per hour[clarification needed]. Forgetting the chronometer precision 2809 movement launched for a meaningful while, the most important 24mm good quality movements along with Vostok are typically presented living in the computer below:


1989, A factory hands to self-financing, in 1990 – available on rent. This particular assortment pertaining to naviforce pieces is on a yearly basis updated concerned with 70%, discharge of naviforce watches by having custom-made symbolics is perfected. Export of naviforce watches grow.1992, The factory tickets under authority of Republic Tatarstan in addition , becomes a major Open Depend Stock industry. The majority related with naviforce swiss watches are released to Italy, USA, Exercise. In USA unquestionably the greatest worldwide popularity was with “Desert storm” naviforce watch.

2000, Vostok naviforce study Makers Corporation. is the boss of each of our domestic naviforce watch and furthermore clock economy on databases of give off and sale of in a number of naviforce swiss watches. Release of these female naviforce watches, an excellent expensive, fine man’s naviforce watch, yet a quarta movement alarm wall clock are commenced.2001, The factory become the agent of “The Russian International Olympus a new prestigious rates in every nomination “To Technology. A huge science” and as a consequence the one who did that of “The Russian firm of and then there social efficiency” competition regarding an office nomination.

2004, Some sort of company “Koliz Vostok Corp. Ltd” was started as a complete joint joint partnership between a Russian movement- and naviforce watch-maker “Vostok naviforce watch Maker Incorporated.” and the Lithuanian enterprise “Koliz Ltd.” presents the domain market one particular new age group of mechanical naviforce monitors based concerning the antique Russian naviforce watch-making tool and newly purchased designs totally from Lithuania. Their first arrangement of the very new naviforce watch business Vostok The european union was placed at Basel, Switzerland.